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The following dogs are available to approved
Each of the following dogs have been through extensive training, though for one reason or another
will not be used in our program.

Some of these dogs have had more than $20,000.00 invested in their training before they were unable
to complete the program. To help recover a portion of these costs each dog has an adoption fee. Not
only does this assist us in recovering our costs to continue the program, but it also shows the
commitment and responsibility of interested adopters. Each of these dogs are very special and we
need to ensure their positive future.

Each adopter will receive a required minimum of two private lessons with their dog before bringing it
home so the family may utilize the training the dog has received. Handler training sessions and
support are included for the adopter and family, and will continue for the life of the dog at no charge.
Stanley is a 1-year-old Labrador / German Shepherd cross we rescued from the shelter. He is cream
colored, and approximately 60 lbs. Stanley was picked up by the shelter and found roaming the
streets. It is unclear if he has ever had a true home. It takes time for him to adjust to new people and
new surroundings. He is playful and mouthy like the big puppy that he is, but he can also be hand-shy
and will snarl when he is unsure. Stanley needs a second chance - someone who is willing to work
with him and show him how to be loved, and to continue with the training and behavior modification we
have begun. Due to his unpredictable nature he would be best suited in a home without children or
other pets, and should be adopted by an experienced dog-lover. Stanley has been started in his
obedience training. Lifetime private training lessons are included with his adoption fee.
Adoption fee $75.00

If you are interested in Stanley please inquire by emailing
Leroy is a 2-year-old yellow American Labrador Retriever we rescued from the shelter. He is  
approximately 65 lbs. L
eroy would be best in a home with adults who can offer him plenty of exercise
such as daily walks or runs. He is a playful, happy boy. He does well with some female dogs, but not
with other males, or with small animals. He has growled and barked at strangers from time to time. We
will only place him in a home without children or small animals. He knows all of his basic obedience
commands but can get distracted, and of course he will need that daily exercise for a successful
Lifetime private training lessons are included with his adoption fee.
Adoption fee $2

If you are interested in L
eroy please inquire by emailing