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Hi, I'm Emma and I am a 17-year-old college student. I'm originally from the San
Diego area, so Little Angels Service Dogs was a match of fate. I have Ehlers-Danios
Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Paroxysmal supraventricular
tachycardia, and an Arteriovenous Malformation. Which in short, just looks like
alphabet soup. My problems lie mostly beneath the surface. Defect in the collagen, a
vascular growth akin to a tumor, and heart problems are not things easily seen. It is
only recently I have begun to recover from one of many major surgeries, so I am
delighting in hair that has grown out of a shave, scars beginning to fade, and a
general illusion of health. Besides the cane, you wouldn't much see my health
problems. They're always just lurking beneath the surface.

I am in fact a college student. Being the stubborn person I am, I didn't go to a
university close to home. nor did I go to an easily accessible university. Nor did I fall in
love with a small school. No, I decided to go to an out-of-state school, one known for
it's beauty while it should be known for it's miles of uneven brick and staircase after
staircase, and to top if off, I fell in love with a university with some 50,000
undergraduate students. I fell for the University of Washington - literally. Although I
use a cane, it doesn't come close to helping me maneuver campus, or life
elsewhere. Dislocated hips or knees make walking without aid difficult, as does the
difficulty with balancing that comes with my heart problems. The arms of friends and
family are greatly appreciated, but as a person entering the adult world, I know I must
rely on myself for mobility assistance.

I have three family dogs at home and know that the simple comfort a dog can offer on
a high pain day is immeasurable. This is where a service dog comes in. The first is
to help with my walking, through aiding in balance. The dog will also be able to help
me get back up when I collapse and to hand me things I drop, as learning over
always runs the risk of dislocating a rib or aggravating my heart.

I look forward to growing into my position as an adult in society, and I look forward to it
even more with the potential of a service dog at my side, helping me where I cannot.
With a service dog at my side, there is no doubt we can do anything.

But I need your help for that to happen, so please consider making a donation to Little
Angels Service Dogs. Any amount helps!

HI,  I am Francesca.  I am currently a senior in high school and looking forward to
going to community college in the fall. I am a good student but things don’t come
easily to me.  Many people say that they have never met anyone who is as persistent,
determined and resilient as I am!   My goal is to grow into an independent, self
sufficient adult, and with a service dog from Little Angels, I plan to continue my
education and someday to work with young children. It will be very difficult for me to go
to college, live independently, and socialize with others without a mobility service dog,
but with a service dog, I would be able to get around campus and to my classes
safely and independently without holding a parent’s hand or being afraid of falling! Let
me tell you a little about the challenges I have faced.

     I was born in Guatemala and adopted when I was 4 months old.  My medical
issues weren’t apparent until I got home.  I was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy,
tortocillis and poor muscle tone when I was about six months old. I started physical
therapy, occupational therapy and speech when I was 7 months old and that made a
huge difference.  We always called those therapists my first angels.   I had my first
known seizure at 14 months old. The seizures have continued even though my
epilepsy is pretty well controlled with medication.  As a baby I didn’t grow as the
doctors and my parents expected,  and I went through a lot of tests to find out why.  
Turns out that I had a large hole in my heart, Arterial Septum Defect, that was repaired
just before I was three.  It made a huge difference. When I was 8, I started having
horrible leg problems and was diagnosed with Legg Perthes disease.

    I have had eye surgeries, open heart surgery, and had 4 hip surgeries for the  
Legg Perthes. For all my medical issues, I am doing pretty well,  but the CP and Legg
Perthes impact my balance and ability to walk around independently and safely.    
Although I am really petite, the campus of my high school is very small too, so I get
around ok.  But when I go out after school or on weekends, for safety I always need
someone close by to hold my hand so I don’t fall.  

     Legg Perthes is a pediatric, orthopedic disease that impacted my right hip. With
the Legg Perthes, the “ball”  of my hip lost blood flow and caused the hip bone to
collapse and the bone to die off. I was in a body cast for months and lived in a
hospital bed in our living room each time after my  major surgeries.  I was diagnosed
with the Legg Perthes at age 8, and in spite of many surgeries and best efforts, my
surgical outcome was not very good.  My left leg grew faster than my right, and I walk
with a significant limp.

    I learned about Little Angels Service Dogs a few months ago and I have been
approved to get a dog!  I am so excited!  I got to try out a service dog to see if it was
going to be helpful for me. I couldn’t believe how great it felt!  I walked around the hilly
ground with a dog in a mobility harness, and from the first second, I felt safe and
stable on my feet.  It was awesome!!!  When I get my dog, they will train it to support
me so I can lean on the dog to get up when I fall and it will brace me so I can get up
and down curbs and bumps in the sidewalks, and I won’t need a parent’s hand!
Eventually, I hope to be able to ride a bus with the dog. They can also train it to help
me pick up things I drop which is very hard for me, and the dog will be trained to give
me deep compressions that I call snuggles, when I get anxious.  

    I have needed to rely on adults to literally hold my hand to keep me safe for my
whole life and my goal is to continue my education independently. I really feel that
getting a mobility service dog will help me to be able to live a productive, safe and
independent life.

    Please consider making a donation to Little Angels Service Dogs.  Any amount

Hello, my name is Isa, it’s short for Isabel. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines at
the age of 14. I was in the second semester of my first year of high school and it was
not what I wanted to hear. I have vision loss in one of my eyes. However, it is
undetermined if it has anything to do with my migraine. The main thing that I want you
to know is that I suffer from my migraine 24/7, and I have, for more than two years
now. It is constantly there—reminding me why I suffer from anxiety, dizziness, and
depression. I have struggled a lot with my migraine in school and in social situations.
I stopped going out with my friends because they cannot help when my migraine
spikes and they do not know what to do when I have an anxiety attack. There is one
thing that I have found solace in, though, it is a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy-
raising group in my area. Because of the migraine, I can’t raise a puppy but I can
puppy-sit. At the beginning, I realized that the dogs were an excellent distraction from
the chronic pain. Then I realized that the dogs could actually be taught to do things to
help me, similar to how the Guide Dogs are taught to help blind people. I know that
having a dog with me at all times would benefit me greatly, especially when that dog
is able to do things to help me. One of the most important reasons that I need a dog
is because, with my migraine, I am unable to lean down and pick up things that I drop
and a dog could do that for me. I have learned that being around the dogs is
extremely helpful for me with my anxiety and with my chronic pain. I look forward to
having a service dog to help me through life.