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Your donation will help to provide dogs to many adults
who suffer from seizures. The following is an example of
some of those on our waiting list.


Hello my name is Leslie. I am 37 years old and live in Santa Rosa, CA. An hour north of San
Francisco. I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when I was 6 months old. I stopped
having them for a little while until about 2001 when I had Uterine Cancer, then my seizures
came back and they have been getting worse ever since. I did succeed at fighting the cancer
and have been cancer free for about four years now, however my seizures have not and they
actually have gotten worse. The medication I am on doesn’t seem to work either for some
reason. I also have recently been diagnosed with anxiety while in the car. So while someone
is driving me around I panic very badly and that also causes my seizures to flare up. It has
been a difficult time in my life because I do want to live freely again and be able to go out
more. I usually am indoors most of the time because I am so scared of having a seizure
somewhere without notice and scare others. I am hopeful that the seizure alert dog with help
me be able to enjoy life again. Thank you for your help!

Leslie F.


I have had seizures since I was five years old. In my younger years I remember having to get
shots every month. Throughout my life I have spent many days in the hospital for EEGs and
other studies. A few years ago I had two brain surgeries. With the first brain surgery there
were complications, and I almost died. The second one they were about to remove the area
of my brain that my seizures originate from when they found out it would lead to my partial
paralysis. This was very difficult for me. After finding that my seizures were spreading to other
parts of my brain, I recently had an emergency surgery for a Vagal nerve stimulator. They are
hoping this will reroute my brain so I will at least have fewer seizures.

Although I had a lot of support from family and friends while going through all of these trials
throughout my life there is one thing that I wish I would have had. This is a service dog.
Seizure dogs are becoming more common and I first heard about them after my brain
surgery. That's when it became my dream to get one. They are dogs that can alert and
respond to seizures!

Living with seizures makes many things in my life difficult. I cannot drive, it can be scary to go
up stairs, hold babies, and so many other things. Having a service dog will give me a sense
of security and control that I do not ever remember having. After going through so much even
if somehow a miracle happens and the doctors find a way to slow or even stop my seizures a
service dog would help me therapeutically. It is very expensive to train these amazing dogs.
Any support is very much appreciated!


My name is Justin and I am 37 years old. I have had Epilepsy since birth, suffering from
everything from petite mal to grand mal seizures. The medications I take have caused
tremors and do not work well with my seizures and I've recently received a vagus nerve
stimulator to see if it will help.

I am currently still in college going for my Bachelors degree in forensic crime scene
investigations. It has been a long process as the medicine affects my memory and thinking
and there are occasions where seizures have taken a whole weeks worth of memory and I
have to re-study everything I studied for that week.  In class my processing is slower from the
seizures and I take pictures of the chalk board as it takes too long for me to write it down.

I have been on buses and end up in places that I did not intend. I have had seizures in the
busy streets while taking myself to the bus stops, and I've been jumped while walking and
have had my backpack stolen. I am afraid to do many activities alone for fear of having a
seizure. A service dog would give me more confidence and ability to do the many things I do
not allow myself to do now for safety reasons. Not only would I feel the security of my service
dog, but my dog will be able to tell me before a seizure happens, and assist me when I need
the help.

Thank you in advance for your help!



My name is Courtney and I am 31 years old.  I am the single mom of a wonderful four year old
boy named Maddox.  I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder  approximately four years ago.  
According to my doctors I have had this disorder (Jeavon’s Syndrome) my whole life,
however, it has only been during the last four years that it has progressed to the point where I
am unable to drive, and most days do not even feel like leaving the house.  This disorder is
very difficult to treat, and my seizures are not controlled by medication at this time.  I am
unable to speak or move during a seizure thus I have become socially, and emotionally
isolated.   My doctor suggested a service dog to assist me so I will be safe while out in public
or when I am alone.  As I looked into having a service dog I regained hope for an active and
safe future! A seizure assistance dog would be able to alert me and anyone I may be around
that I will have a seizure, as well as carry needed medication and instructions as to what is
happening if I am in public alone or with my son. Prior to my disorder escalating, I was a very
active individual, graduating from college, working, and actively enjoying life.  Having a service
dog gives me hope for my future.  Thank you in advance for any donation you are able to give.  


Hi! My name is Stephen and I'm 26 years old. I have been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis,
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, and Epilepsy intractable seizures which causes weekly
seizures. I am often tired and disoriented as a result. I've had multiple treatments,
medications and brain surgery, but still suffer from these debilitating seizures. My mom helps
me now and works to keep me safe, but a service dog will be able to help in some amazing
ways. My dog will be trained to bring emergency medical supplies when I need them, and
even dial an assistance dog phone to let my mom know that I need help. Hopefully my dog
will even be able to alert to seizures in advance which can keep me from being injured. This
dog will give me so much independence with a lifetime of love. Thank you so much for your


My name is Lissa and I am 22 years old. My first seizure came when I was 15. By the time I
was graduating high school,  I  had tried multiple medications, had 4 brain surgeries, and a
vagal nerve stimulator, and feeding tube placed.  I lost my ability to talk but I can still
communicate with signs and technology.

My seizures come without warning and leave me unsteady. I do not have the freedom that
people my age usually have.  Through all of this I still have a great smile.  My mom helps me
and tries to keep me safe, but I would like to be able to go places with more freedom.

A seizure assistance dog would give me independence,  would help alert my mom if I was
having a seizure, and help me keep my balance when I am unsteady from medications and

Thank you for making this a reality!


My name is Samantha and I am 38 years old. I had my 1st seizure 10 years ago shortly after
returning from serving in Afghanistan.  In the ER that night, I was also told my CT scan
revealed a stroke. My world as I knew it was changed in that moment.  The military medical
team did the best they could to control my seizures.  I was hospitalized 4 times and had a
Vagal Nerve Stimulator implanted, which does shorten the duration and severity of my
seizures.  I was tried on 6 different medications before reaching the one I'm on now.  I asked
my military neurologist to approve me for a seizure dog as I was being medically discharged
from the Army; she said there was no research to validate that a service dog could help my
type of seizures. That was not actually true, but that was almost 10 years ago, and I was
unaware at the time. When a Colonel tells you no, that's the end of the conversation.

I got much worse over the years and was diagnosed with an insulinoma - a pancreatic tumor
- that also causes seizures. My family and I had new found hope! Six years after my 1st
seizure, my tumor was removed and my health was remarkably improved with stable blood
sugar and no 911 calls. A few months went by without seizures and I was even allowed to
drive!! I was over the moon. But it was short-lived and as soon as that next seizure came, my
doctor reminded me I had had a stroke and my epilepsy was here to stay. I have since
learned to accept that.

I am off the road again. My husband and I are expecting our first child this spring.
Unfortunately, my seizures have worsened significantly during the pregnancy, affecting my
job. I loved my military career as an Army Psychologist and I treat war veterans now. However,
2-3 times per week, my husband is called by my office because I have seized. When I do, I
cannot communicate clearly for up to an hour. I also have to take a sedative afterwards or I
will have multiple seizures that day. A seizure alert dog can assist me in so many ways! By
alerting me prior to having a seizure, I can keep our son safe and keep myself safe. The dog
can alert my husband or coworkers that I've had a seizure, bring me my emergency pill and
water and also provide balance stability, as I am unsteady on my feet following seizures. I
feel this is the opportunity I was looking for 10 years ago. I thank you sincerely and deeply for
helping my family and me achieve this dream!


Rachel began experiencing uncontrollable seizures after being bucked off of a horse. As the
seizures became more frequent and severe, the need for a seizure alert dog grew.

Rachel has a dream of helping others with disabilities. To achieve that dream, she is
currently pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy at Missouri State University. When she is
not studying for class, she enjoys riding her horses, fishing, and hunting with her fiancé. At
the age of 12, Rachel was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a rare nervous
system disorder. Through this painful time, the one thing that gave her peace was
her horses.

On January 14, 2012, Rachel was riding one of her horses when it got spooked. She was
thrown off and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. After months in the hospital and
physical therapy, she was released from the hospital. “Though I am very fortunate to be here
today, the injury continues to have lasting effects,” said Rachel. Following the injury, she
would frequently injure herself from falling and began experiencing uncontrollable seizures
which have become more frequent and severe.

Rachel recently experienced a severe seizure that left her in the hospital. While in the
hospital, the cardiologist noticed a striking abnormality in the EKG readings. After further
investigation, Rachel was diagnosed with brugada syndrome, an abnormal heart condition
which causes the heart to beat too quickly to maintain normal blood flow. “With these
complications my independence and safety were robbed, as I now have a
greatly increased risk of sudden death by seizures or cardiac arrest,” Rachel said.

Confined to her home and unable to attend school, Rachel’s education and social life came
to halt. Determined to regain her independence though, she diligently researched for a
solution that would help stabilize her condition. She was recently approved to receive a
seizure alert dog through Little Angels. Her little angel will be specially trained to alert her
before she experiences a seizure and alert help when a seizure occurs.


Hello! My name is Mallory, and I am 21 years old. I have been approved to receive a
psychiatric-seizure assistance dog. Over a year ago I received a concussion playing
collegiate soccer, and since then my life has drastically changed. I suffer with daily
headaches, frequent migraines, short term memory loss, and anxiety. I have also developed
frequent seizures caused by my concussion. I can no longer drive, and I am afraid to be in
public alone for fear of having a seizure. A service dog would be able to sense my anxiety,
ground me by pawing or sitting on my lap, along with alerting others of oncoming seizures.
The service dog would allow me to be more active in the community again and be more
independent. Please join me in my goal to raise money for Little Angel’s Service Dogs.
Help support those
who suffer from seizures today!