Student Trainer Apprenticeship Program

The Little Angels Student Trainer Apprenticeship Program is the first dog
training institute of its kind, as we have a tuition-free program available. As
a non-profit organization it is the goal of Little Angels to better the
community through dog training education, and specifically to assist the
disabled through trained assistance dogs. We recognize the lack of
truly-qualified assistance dog trainers throughout the world. As a result this
program was created to empower those with the heart to help others with
the education and skills needed to make our world a better place.


The hands-on experience is another aspect which sets our school apart.
While other certificate programs offer written instruction and video, we
offer you live, in-person instruction to meet your learning pace, and the
opportunity to work directly with a variety of different dogs going through
training, both at our ranch and on field trips into public locations.

You will also note that our school involves more hours and a higher
commitment than other schools. We do not believe that most other schools
provide the experience, skills, or proper education for true dog training.
This is why there is such a lack of truly qualified service dog trainers and
pet dog trainers. If you truly want to become a training professional, make
certain to enroll in the right school.

There are 2 programs available to approved

Schedule for Required Hands-On Training
Due to the fact that most of our students are working professionals or
attending other college courses, training hours are available 9am-4pm both
Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please note you must also attend the required
weekend seminars (dates listed below).

Our school is located in the East County of San Diego, California.
(Jamul, California)
Driving distance from Downtown San Diego is approximately 30 minutes.

Seminar Dates for Apprenticeship

2016/2017 Dates:
(Applications due by June 10th 2016)
July 2nd 2016, 10am-12pm (Group Interview)
July 16th and 17th 2016, 9am-5pm both days (Seminar 1)
October 15th and 16th 2016, 9am-5pm both days (Seminar 2)
January 21st 2017, 9am-5pm (Apprentice Only Seminar)
Flexible Dates Available (Testing)

2017 Dates:
(Applications due by December 15th, 2016)
January 14th 2017, 10am-12pm (Group Interview)
January 28th and 29th 2017, 9am-5pm both days, (Seminar 1)
April 29th and 30th 2017, 9am-5pm both days, (Seminar 2)
May 1st 2017, 9am-5pm (Clicker Clinic)
August 19th 2017, 9am-5pm (Apprentice Only Seminar)
Flexible Dates Available (Testing)

2017/2018 Dates:
(Applications due by May 6th, 2017)
May 13th 2017, 10am-12pm (Group Interview)
June 10th and 11th 2017, 9am-5pm both days (Seminar 1)
September 9th and 10th 2017, 9am-5pm both days (Seminar 2)
September 11th 2017, 9am-5pm (Clicker Clinic)
December 9th 2017, 9am-5pm (Apprentice Only Seminar)
Flexible Dates Available (Testing through 2018)

Application and Enrollment
Those who are interested in applying to either program should email to
request additional information and an application packet. There is a
one-time application fee of $35.00 to be sent in with your completed
application packet. Please be sure to specify your request for the Student
Trainer Apprenticeship Program application, as we receive multiple
requests for service dog applications on a daily basis.

1-Year Program;

Tuition Free Program - Includes fostering
*Attend two training seminars, plus one additional 1-day seminar specifically for
apprentices, as well as your testing. Dates listed below.
*Complete reading assignments at home, usually one book per month.
*3 hours of hands-on experience and training with dogs-in-training at the school, per
week, for a total of 156 hours.
*Foster a service dog in training within your home to provide socialization and
training, under the guidance of Little Angels' Instructors.
(In order to qualify for this program you must pass a home inspection for the safety of
the foster dogs.)

2-Year Program;

Paid Tuition Program - $25.00 Per Week, No fostering
*Attend 2 training seminars, plus one additional 1-day seminar specifically for
apprentices, as well as your testing. Dates listed below.
*Complete reading assignments at home, usually one book per month for the first
*6 hours of hands-on experience and training with dogs-in-training at the school, per
week for 2 years, for a total of 624 hours.
*No fostering required.
*Study of the Dog (Includes the study of dog behavior, how animals learn and view the
world, proper socialization, health care and grooming, various dog breeds and traits,
animal husbandry, and maintenance.)

Teaching Good House Manners (Includes different ways of potty training, how to
handle chewing, barking, jumping, digging, lunging, and rowdy behavior inside the

Obedience Training (Includes various training methods for heel, sit, down, stay, wait,
no, good, come, watch me, and place.)

Service Dog Etiquette, Regulations, and Laws (An understanding of proper
behavior for a service dog in public, service dog advocacy,  the handler's practices and
maintenance for elevators, restaurants, etc., and the laws that protect the rights of the
disabled.) Regular field trips are available for handler experience, with instructor
direction. Please see the following page by clicking here
Field Trips

*Service Dog Training Tasks (Includes instruction on various methods for teaching
touch, under, brace, forward, tug, get it, paws up, pulling wheelchairs, opening doors
and cabinets, searching for the phone or specific objects, search and rescue for
individual disabled recipients, tether training for autism,  turning on lights, dialing
assistance dog telephones, retrieving dropped items, boundary control for crowds, and
teaching to recognize and alert to panic attacks, drops in blood sugar, seizures, and
food allergies.)

*Handler Training (Includes instruction on how to train pet owners and disabled
recipients to work with their dogs as a team, group instruction, and private lessons.)

Applicants have a right to be considered regardless of sex,
race, religion or creed.