Field Trips

Apprentices, and approved service dog
handlers are welcome to join us in multiple
field trips held twice per month.

Training for Service Dogs

These field trips are a great way for service dogs in training
to learn to work amidst distractions, in a variety of different

Our dogs and handlers will be visiting shopping centers,
movie theaters, food courts, amusement parks, hiking trails,
pet stores, fair grounds, farmer's markets, beaches, parks,
and so much more.

These clinics are designed for dogs who are past the initial
phases of obedience training and skilled tasks to assist the
disabled. Dogs need to be at this level to attend due to the
public nature of these environments. It is important to
respect the peace of others in the locations we visit, with
safety always foremost in mind, and thus all dogs must be
temperament tested and approved to attend based on their
training level, skill level, and friendly demeanor.

Approval to Attend
If you have not yet been approved to attend field trips, you
must first attend Seminar 1 and Seminar 2. Dogs are
assessed in seminar 2 and will receive approval to attend
field trips if appropriate.

Approved handlers can request a schedule of field trips by